Foxtons Tenancy Agreement Pdf

Please indicate the name of your landlord, as indicated on your rental agreement, which you can find on my Foxtons Third Party Renewal Commission Duration: which allows the agent to recover a commission from the landlord if he has sold his stake in the property to a third party (and therefore has no control over it and does not deduct the rent), In the event that the tenant or, in some cases, the occupant or another party introduced by the tenant continues to rent the property (by the buyer) beyond the duration of the initial rental and the buyer does not agree to pay the commission. From 29 April to 1 May 2009, a hearing was held in the High Court to determine the substantive issues related to the fairness of Foxtons` lease agreements with the owners. The fairness test concerned: (a) the terms of Foxton`s renewal fee, (b) the commission on the sale of the property and (c) the third-party renewal fee.