Goodman Extended Service Agreement Homeowner Contract

Most serious HLK contractors offer a 12-month installation warranty for parts that fail due to improper installation. The work is also carried out by the contractor. If the contractor for whom you receive estimates does not offer an installation guarantee, you will receive other estimates. We advise you to evaluate at least three estimates before deciding who you want to hire. The warranty work is made available free of charge to the owner of the product from the 31st day following the installation of the product until the fifth year of the product`s lifetime. The warranty work is made available free of charge to the product owner from the 31st day following the installation of the product until the tenth year of the product`s lifetime. In addition, over the past six to ten years, spare parts coverage will be offered for devices with a five-year standard parts warranty. This option may be less costly for policyholders who purchase products that are not covered by unit exchange coverage. Some homeowners are apathetic about their HLK warranty and hope they never have to deal with it. Others fear the “devil in detail” and think that any claim they make is denied on an obscure formality. The following advanced warranty plans are provided by Goodman to GoodCare Authorized Resellers in order to sell GoodCare coverage directly to an owner who has purchased a Goodman product. GoodCare is available for residential installations of Goodman single-phase products over five tons. An advanced warranty begins when your default warranty expires.

For parts, it`s usually after 10 or 12 years. For contractions, it starts immediately or after a year. An officer of one of the guarantor companies says that an extended guarantee “is an additional source of income for the contractor, without the need for additional inventory. It also “involves” the owner of the equipment for the duration of the agreement and gives contractors the opportunity to offer these customers maintenance contracts. “Asure brings added value! If you decide to sell your home before your Asure coverage expires, a number of Asure plans are available for free to a new homeowner. What a great way to restore resale value to your home! Full details about the portability of the plan can be found in the extended Homeowner service agreement. How do I get Asure coverage? Asure service contracts are only available through an asure authorized reseller. Your Asure dealer takes care of the filing of your extended service contract, so you are protected in case your equipment requires repair service.

If Asure does not receive all properly executed forms, including the sale price and your signature, asure will contact you directly to confirm your policy. What should I do if my device needs to be repaired? Contact your authorized asure reseller, listed in your Asure Service Agreement, for assistance near you. Join the ranks of other owners who have enjoyed the affordable comfort and added value of an Asure service contract. Program details are subject to change without notice. Most consumer advocates agree with us, including consumer reports, who say it bluntly: “Don`t buy extended warranties.” Amana/Goodman is one of the few HLK producers to provide their own extended warranties. Most of these warranties are offered by third parties. We discuss the pros and cons of extended warranties and give below a professional recommendation about it. Parts exchange is covered for Goodman products from the 31st day after product installation until the tenth year of product service….