Hvac Pm Agreement

Our preventive maintenance contract helps you keep your heating and cooling systems in good condition and efficient throughout the year. An HLK service contract guarantees the maximum performance of your HLK system while offering energy savings, environmentally friendly solutions and reduced operating costs. Some of the advantages are: Pay your price for the replacement of the equipment in question and add this to the cost of maintenance. Make the agreement for a longer period, for example. B of three to five years, and offer one for this period, provided that the equipment in question is replaced at your discretion at some point during the agreement. Here is a step-by-step system that allows you to dismantle a parts, work and preventive maintenance contract for almost any size of device at almost any age, without requiring a significant initial investment on the part of the customer. The system also helps you get paid for the equipment inspection. It also offers the possibility of an integrated guaranteed replacement sale at a pre-negotiated price. Protection Plus Maintenance Program $24.95 per month: Customers who participate in the ProtectionPlus maintenance program get an annual super-tune-up that includes all tune-up procedures. These include a safety inspection for their heating and cooling systems and a thorough cleaning.

No diagnostic fees, no fees and no fees for parts and work during most minor repairs. Saving up to $252 per repair! This provides security knowing that you are covered if you are down. Prior to the start of this program, a paid inspection of the existing system is required to ensure that it complies with the guidelines of our contractual plan. If you want to manage expenses over a longer period of time, you can sometimes negotiate a 2- or 3-year contract with a larger contract. If you rely on the provider`s services, you can save money with a multi-year contract and give you the certainty that you can budget your HLK service fees reliably. The customer`s investment for the duration of the contract is your price to repair all expected failures, combined with your price to perform maintenance work during the term of the contract. Fortunately, there is a proactive solution that makes your life easier and helps protect your tenants: a preventive maintenance contract. A maintenance plan significantly improves the ROI of your HLK system and the overall performance of your building through regular recordings and proactive care. HLK`s maintenance contracts are concluded between the housing or commercial company and HLK`s supplier. They define the services and the parts and work sheds that apply to the service contract and the usable equipment, as well as any specific exclusions. Contracts also include a price for preventive maintenance services, which can be paid at pre-set intervals, usually monthly, quarterly or semi-annual. .

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